Self Titled

by Trevor's Head

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(free) 04:55


released September 12, 2012

Who done what and when:

Roger Atkins - Vocals, Guitar
Matt Ainsworth - Drums, Backing Vocals
David Holdstock - Guitar
Tom Neate - Bass, Backing Vocals

All songs by Trevor's Head, except "Cross The Line" by Trevor's Head and Stewart Wilson.

Recorded at Foel Studio and produced by Chris Fielding in 2012.

"Three Stone Mile", recorded at Ford Lane Studio and produced by Rob Quickenden in 2010.



all rights reserved


Trevor's Head England, UK

Trevor’s Head is a thick, greasy fondue of stoner rock, punk & grunge from a landfill town in the commuter belt called Redhill. They released their second LP, ‘Tricolossus’, in February 2016 and have pursued a relentless gigging schedule for the last 4 years. With a constant presence in Southern England and a European tour under their belts, they are now coming for the rest of the UK and beyond. ... more


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Track Name: Cross The Line
Blue lights flashing, wailing sound
Steel toe boots crunch on the ground
A wall of people bathed in light
They're out for blood tonight
Happy people gathered here
With chemic highs and choral cheers
They don't want to be handcuffed
When they came to feel the love

Leave this place and let me be
Flying high and moving free
In this world of peace and love
Don't beat me

Police whistles in the night
A tyrants war 'gainst human rights
Blood and hate is all I see
So while your screaming vote for me!
Concrete prisons of the land
Time the seconds in the sand
Taxes pay for cold damp cells
Merry England, bloody hell


Fed calling, law enforcing
Street talking, arm of another
Raise a fist, a fist in anger
Beating down on your brother

Fed calling...
...down on you

Why do we hurt the ones we love
Don't live in huts made out of mud
Why don't we love the ones we hate
And rebel against the state
Track Name: Pieces Of You
People can change every once in a while, well
Once in a while it's true
But I never met anyone with a smile
That exponentially grew
At a loss (out of touch)
You keep saying that you're gonna come through
At a loss (had enough)
I think it's time I quit my losses with you

I've got the pick of a million moments it's true
Some were good, some were bad but I held on to
Little pieces of you

You're not aware of it, not that you'd care 'bout it
If I lit it up for your sake
So you have the icing and I'll have the filling
On my birthday cake
Don't get me wrong I'm not singing this song
Ever thinking you were a saint
All I ask is you take off your mask
And maybe we could share a mistake

I've got the pick of a million moments it's true
Some were good, some were bad but I held on to
I learned a lot from our time and your point of view
So believe me when I tell you that I'll hold on to
Little pieces of you

You're not the one
You were never the one
Sure we had our fun
But you were never, never, never the one
Track Name: The Deceiver
Give a light, take a life
Stand for your rights, or they will
Walk all over you
Give a hand, understand
Try to be a man
Everybody calls me the fool
You know what I say
I'm trying no to fade away

See my footsteps in the sand
Wash away with the tide
After all it's just matches and paper
Happy days, see you later
You know what they say
I am the deceiver

Give a little bit, take a little bit
My time away
I feel so numb
Give a little bit, take a little bit
My time away
What have I become

In the end, make amends
They may only be friends but
Time ain't on my side
Take a bow, turn away
The smile ends
You know what they say
I am the deceiver

Track Name: Backtracker
It's 7 past 11
I havn't thought this through
I never thought I'd come back here
Man I had no reason to
Hindsight is a bitch
I guess it's true just what they say
You can't see your mistakes until the end of the day
I'm coming back your way

I learned all of your faces
Spent time attaching names
Not because I had to
But because it made me feel safe
Now I'm going back
To where it all began
Pedal to the metal
Racing through the fucking sand
To where it all began
Ooo racing through the sand

Been away for too long now
Too many cloudy faces

We ran off together
Yea we needed room to grow
But what I never realised
Is we were growing up alone
So now I'm going back
To where it all began
Pedal to the metal
Racing through the fucking sand
To where it all began

Ooo racing through the sand

Been away for too long now
Too many times and places

Oooh to where it all began
Oooh racing through the sand
Been away for too long now
I'm never going back!
Track Name: Backline 85
Backline 85
And still we try
Crackle of the speakers
It comes alive
The sounds we hear in our heads
And the ones you hear in your ears
Are never clear
But oh so near

Taking to the stage at a gig or a rave today
Disconnected from the masses, eating mash and molasses in May
Never fear cos we're here, other people's songs are easy to play
Yea we're out to impress, I like the way that you dress
Can I stay

We'll take this town by force
I'll take you for a ride
You can sit at my side
'Cos you know I've never lied
Not to someone as pretty as you
The button on my shoe
It comes alive
Can I say


We'll take this town...
...comes alive
Can I stay
Track Name: Chemical Bible
The pusher comes to my house today
Takes my blues away
Opens up the pages of his magic book
He won't stay too long, he'll soon be gone
Cos no-one ticked today
He knows the feeling well
Its more than he can fake

I've seen, I've been
I wish, I mean
I'm sure, it's pure
Creasing at the door

The chemical bible
There is no rival
My soul's survival
The chemical

A page for truth, a page for sound
A page to keep me well endowed
A page to let it all hang free
A page for love, a page to mend
A page to spend more time with friends
A page to let it out and breathe

I've been...
Better than before


You could have been all I needed
You could have been all I need
You could have been all I needed

Track Name: Three Stone Mile
Walk on

The clean air has been taken from my lungs
Replaced with all the dirt and shit, I shouldn't have done
The sun is hot, my face is turning red
Sweat drips in me eyes just like the rain falls on my head
No I won't stay

The first stone came about in '58
Born onto a table with no plates
My Mama told me to be just whatever I like
But Daddy left home and Mama died that night

Said I won't look back at the things I've done
I'm too old now, that ain't much fun
I'll walk my three stone mile

Found my second stone in '73
Met a young girl, she was pretty as could be
''Gimme love!'' she shouted as she took my hand
I said ''Baby if you're willing, I'll be your man''


Solo (Dave)


The wind blows all the dust off of my bones
'Cos me and my good friend Jack, got one place to go
As you see my third stone lies up ahead
And when I reach it, I ain't gonna need no bread
'Cos I'm done, done, done with this place
I said I'm done, done, done with all your lying faces
I'm done, done, it's all that I can stand
I'm done, done, gonna be a better man

One bad deed deserves to get another
Even if it is a mother with a pin in her arm
It's gonna do her some harm, she doesn't mean to alarm
She's just excited at the possibility to rearm
There's poison in her veins, I tried to shout and explain
It doesn't take hold, I'm getting too old
I fought all her fights, read her her rights
Trust me I'm leaving tonight

Track Name: Free Range
Wake up, in the city
Grab my coat, no time to get pretty
My head resounds with an echo
Shark bite, ain't right
'Nuff pain to make you think twice
Put my hands where they shouldn't go

Sometimes I feel like the Rolling Stones

Blue light, dark night
Guaranteed to win this fight
Stop pursuing him and come back with me
Tin can, sit down
Back seat as fast as you can
I'll show you why your mother fears me

Sometimes I feel like the Rolling Stones
Sometimes I feel like a rolling stone
This song remains as time goes on

Big crowd, loud sound
Come here and make me proud
Wish you could see just what I see
Stage left, bereft
Pretty girl standing stiff
Just close your eyes and hum the melody


Ooohs and yeahs...